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Going Green

Green Hybrid Roofing is a unique hybrid roofing material, that has virtually identical aesthetic characteristics of conventional concrete and clay tiles, yet has a number of substantial advantages that make it clearly superior to any roofing in existence today in the U.S.A. and rest the world. One of the advantages that makes this roofing material revolutionary is due to lower heat and cold temperature transmission. Green Hybrid Roofing consistently out performs any conventional roofing material in existence today. The company is committed to be the product innovation leader within this world emergent roofing industry.




Green Hybrid Roofing Inc. is an all American owned; American operated company dedicated to providing unsurpassed product value and unequaled customer service in the building material industry.

In July 2005, the Green Hybrid Roofing team, after noticing a roof being installed with concrete tile, they pondered whether a foam core roofing material could be developed, in addition to what they saw, they took a simple idea to reality. Today the heart and soul of the company is an amazing patented, insulating foam core roofing material made of approximately one inch of virgin polystyrene foam, covered in fiberglass scrim, and encased in high strength concrete coating. The roofing material is half the weight of conventional roof tile, five times as durable and provides incomparable insulating quality. Through many years of engineering, chemistry, testing and old fashion "Trial and Error" Green Hybrid Roofing has created, with all the necessary testing the best roofing tile material in the world in existence today.




“Changing the way we build to live”.

Our philosophy is to maintain the highest commitment to our employee’s success and have in turn reflected this in our commitment to quality and service to our customers and business partners. From the manufacturing line to our field representatives, it is the goal of our entire team to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Green Hybrid Roofing is the world’s first and only roofing manufacturer to develop and introduce a patented, lightweight, firesafe foam core hybrid roofing. It’s our mission to lead the roofing industry and remain at the forefront of energy efficient roofing innovations in the U.S.A. and the rest of the world. The goal is to bring the incredible hybrid roofing to the marketplace through an efficient business strategy founded on the dreams and ethical principles of the founders of the company.


Earth Conservation


Lower Carbon Footprint


Energy Savings

Green Hybrid Roofing realizes that addressing challenges such as our finite resources requires adaptive ingenuity and the definite need for more eco-friendly building materials. Finding alternate materials to wood is the inevitability of our future. The solution and our goal is in recyclable products, with green manufacturing practices and most important energy conservation properties, this is what we believe and offer with more feasibility, efficiency and durability than ever before. This hybrid roofing can be used on new homes and existing construction without the extra expense of engineering, reinforcement and heavy wood framing do to it weighs 50% less than conventional cement or clay tile. Green Hybrid Roofing also believes our product can be delivered without compromising architectural design appeal. Our many custom profiles and color options feature the same look and feel of traditional roofing materials.


Big trucks and buses are one of the biggest sources of pollution especially in urban areas. Diesel soot is a toxic air pollutant linked to human cancer. A new annual report by state and local clean air regulators concludes that more than 125,000 Americans will get cancer from diesel fumes. Other studies have linked diesel exhaust to the development of asthma. In many cities, diesel exhaust is the biggest source of fine particulate soot. For example, in New York City, diesels (mainly trucks and buses) constitute more than 50% of the particle soot. Diesel engines (including construction equipment) also emit about 30% of all smog-forming nitrogen oxides (NOx).


The green market was 2% of non-residential construction in 2005; 10-12% in 2008; and will grow to 20-25% by 2015. Green buildings consume less energy and fewer resources. In comparison to the average commercial building: Green buildings consume 26% less energy, have 13% lower maintenance costs, 27% higher occupant satisfaction and 33% less greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings represent 72% of United States electricity consumption.

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