Offer your clients the best roofing solution for any climate! Green Hybrid Roofings are superior in every way and make your job easier!


  • On new homes, this means less lumber is required in the framing support for the roof. This translates to fewer trees cut down and helps to conserve our forests.
  • On re-roofs, the weight of Insulite is similar to that of composite shingles.
  • We can ship twice as much Green Hybrid Roofings on a truck than typical cement or clay tile.
  • This reduces carbon emission.

Fire safe

  • Non-combustible cementations exterior, class A fire rating.


  • The thermal barrier created with insulated roof tiles will moderate attic temperatures. This will increase comfort while reducing energy use in the home.
  • Reducing energy use means lower utility bills. Green Hybrid Roofings pay dividends forever.
  • Reducing energy use reduces your carbon footprint; i.e. “the greening of America”.

Other benefits

  • Same great aesthetics as typical cement and clay tile.
  • Same weather elements resistance as typical cement or clay tiles.
  • Can be walked on.
  • Faster and safer installation.
  • Similar product warranty as standard cement or clay tiles.
  • Green Hybrid Roofing participates in recycling and full utilization of all materials.
  • User friendly.
  • Lower labor cost.

More information
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