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Green Hybrid Roofing is a unique hybrid roofing material, that has virtually identical aesthetic characteristics of conventional concrete and clay tiles, yet has a number of substantial advantages that make it clearly superior to any roofing in existence today in the U.S.A. and rest the world. One of the advantages that makes this roofing material revolutionary is due to lower heat and cold temperature transmission. Green Hybrid Roofing consistently out performs any conventional roofing material in existence today. The company is committed to be the product innovation leader within this world emergent roofing industry.




The demand for a higher standard of living is constantly on the rise. Therefore the demand for more building resources is growing to levels that cannot be sustained. This is contributing to the exhaustion of our natural resources, particularly that of our very important forests. Everyone can agree that our dependence on trees and plants for survival is crucial. Deforestation is undoubtedly problematic for our planet and our future.


Forests have many resources that people can use to raise their living standards. One example is the wood for building houses. Certain wood materials last a long time, they keep the house warm and make it easy to manufacture homes. The demand for a higher standard of living is constantly on the rise. Since forests provide a large portion of the world's resources, many forests are cut down or burned. The cause for cutting down forests is directly associated with the high demand for wood products. We use wood for practically everything.


Since most trees live in forests it is important to realize the negative impact deforestation have on our air quality. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas that has an impact on the greenhouse effect. There is a cycle between CO2 producers such as cars and CO2 consumers such as plants. Together they create the "Global Carbon Cycle". Another extent of the problem with deforestation is a decrease in biodiversity. Biodiversity is important for Ecosystem sustain ability, agriculture, medicine, recreation, aesthetic and commercial value.


The negative impacts of deforestation are getting noticed internationally. Many countries are taking steps to reduce the problem for a more sustainable earth. Unfortunately financial gain and high competition still exists with deforestation, and for some it's the only way of survival. Many people are not educated about the long term results their actions may cause. Because of these reasons deforestation is still a reality around the world in many countries.


Green Hybrid Roofing realizes that addressing challenges such as our finite resources requires adaptive ingenuity and the definite need for more eco-friendly building materials. Finding alternate materials to wood is the inevitability of our future. The solution and our goal is in recyclable products, with green manufacturing practices and most important energy conservation properties, this is what we believe and offer with more feasibility, efficiency and durability than ever before. This hybrid roofing can be used on new homes and existing construction without the extra expense of engineering, reinforcement and heavy wood framing do to it weighs 50% less than conventional cement or clay tile. Green Hybrid Roofing also believes our product can be delivered without compromising architectural design appeal. Our many custom profiles and color options feature the same look and feel of traditional roofing materials.




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