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Green Hybrid Roofing is a unique hybrid roofing material, that has virtually identical aesthetic characteristics of conventional concrete and clay tiles, yet has a number of substantial advantages that make it clearly superior to any roofing in existence today in the U.S.A. and rest the world. One of the advantages that makes this roofing material revolutionary is due to lower heat and cold temperature transmission. Green Hybrid Roofing consistently out performs any conventional roofing material in existence today. The company is committed to be the product innovation leader within this world emergent roofing industry.



Testing completed by Green hybrid roofing, inc.

Class A Fire Rating: ASTM E108-08
The highest classification for any roofing material.

Weather meter – AC07 3.4.5.
Five 2” x 9” samples tested per ASTM G155, Cycle 1 Approximate Table x1.1 for 2000 hrs. special samples with 1” thick max. will need to be prepared to fit into chamber.

Initial Flex – AC07 3.3.10.
Five full size tiles for flex test after conditioned specimens for 72 hours at ambient temp. of 67-77F and 45-55% RH. Test per ASTM C1492 and average shall be no less than 400 lbs.

Accelerated Aging with/ flex test- AC07 3.4.7.
Five full size tiles are subjected to 10 cycles; each cycle consisting of air dry at 120F for min. 8 hrs., total immersion in water at 70-80F for 8 hrs., and then exposure at -20F for 16 hrs. If no surface cracking, checking, crazing, or erosion or other characteristics that may affect performance, subject each sample to flexural test per ASTM C1492 and average shall be not less than 400 lbs.

Salt Spray – AC07 3.4.8.
Three tiles for 500 hrs. per ASTM B117

Wind Resistance – AC07 3.4.9., 4.3.
Test plan indicates test method SSTD 11-99 Section 300 (Overturning Resistance), test 3 assemblies.

Uplift Bend – AC07 3.4.10., 4.4.
This test is for roof slope> 60 deg. From horizontal. Test on solid sheathing, 4 courses high x 4 tiles wide.

Penetration – AC07 3.4.11., 4.5.
Test 5 samples with 3” dia. Steel disc over tile and 200-lb imposed load thru the disc placed at center of tile, released and loaded again for min. of additional 4 times.

Permeability – AC07 3.4.13., 4.7.
Three tiles to be tested per AC07 Section 4.7

Freeze Thaw – AC07 3.4.14
Five tiles per section 7.3 of ASTM C1492, after if no breakage or delamination and no greater than 1% loss in Original dry weight of any individual tile after the 50 cycles exposure, subject all five to flexural test and average shall be not less than 400 lbs.

Water Absorption – AC07 3.4.14.
Test five per C140 or UBC Standard 15-5. Maximum average absorption shall be no more than 10.5%.

Wet/ Dry Cycling – AC07 3.4.16.
Three tiles are conditional at 64-72F and 45-55% RH and mounted on a rigid frame, then subjected to 50 cycles: each cycle consists of immersion for 24 hrs. in water temp 64-72F followed by 24 hrs. in forced air oven at 153-163F. The tiles subjected to flexural test per ASTM C1492 and average shall be not less than 400 lbs.

Installed Weight - AC07 3.4.2. & 4.11.

Dimensions and Weight- AC07 3.4.2.






Before burning brand test.


Result after the burning brand fire test, Class A.


Initial flex test rated at 850 Lbs.

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